Interested in understanding post-Soviet transformation? Look no further! Since 1992, Demokratizatsiyacontributors have been providing scholarly insights into the forces that shape the region, from perestroika to Putin.

In each quarterly issue, distinguished and emerging scholars from around the world address politics, economics, social issues, legal systems, nationalities, international relations, and human rights. Recent articles have covered blogging in Runet, the Donbass War, and the portrayal of female heroes in Kyrgyz nation-building.

Demokratizatsiya is ranked in Scopus. As of July 2017, the journal is in the 67th percentile of journals ranked, with a CiteScore of 0.74.

Demokratizatsiya appears in the European Reference Index for the Humanities. Learn more here.

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Editor: Robert W. Orttung

Managing Editor: Ellen Powell

Scientific Editor: Irina Olimpieva

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