Applying to Be a Visiting Scholar or Fellow

The Institute for European, Russian and Eurasian Studies (IERES) invites applications from U.S. and foreign scholars who need to be in residence in Washington, DC for their research and writing on topics related to Europe and/or Eurasia (the territory corresponding to the former Soviet Union) or the larger Cold War. Senior scholars, post-doctoral scholars, and advanced graduate students working on their dissertations in any major discipline are eligible to apply. Applicants should have funding from elsewhere, such as a fellowship or a university sabbatical. Scholars may be in residence at IERES for a period from three months to one year. Visiting Scholars at IERES will be given carrel or office space, computer access, and library privileges. They are expected to participate actively in intellectual life at IERES, which includes talks, conferences, informal discussion, and other activities. Visiting Scholars will give a presentation on their research while at IERES, and will participate in IERES’ bi-weekly visiting scholars roundtable event series.

Interested scholars should send their CV, a 2-page description of their research project, and the proposed dates of residency to The research proposal should include an explanation as to why a residency at IERES would be beneficial and whether office or desk space is requested (if it is requested, please say if this is essential). Applicants are strongly encouraged to identify and name an IERES faculty member or members that they wish to work with during their stay at IERES. These faculty should share an interest in the applicants’ research topic. (A list of IERES faculty and their areas of interest can be found here). Applications are accepted throughout the year, with decisions being made twice a year, in September and January. In special circumstances (for example, if you are applying for a fellowship that requires a letter of support prior to September or January), we will attempt to make a decision at a sooner date upon request. Please note that applications go through two levels of approval, including nomination and review by a School-wide committee, and it may take up to 6-8 weeks to receive a decision. Visiting scholars are generally expected to pay a bench fee to cover administrative and other costs involved with hosting visiting scholars. The amount of the bench fees depends on whether or how much office or desk space is provided: $1000 for a solo office, $750 for shared office, $500 for a carrel, and $250 for basic affiliation (per month). The bench fee may be waived or reduced under some circumstances. If this is necessary, applicants should request a waiver and explain why the waiver is being requested.