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Note: GW offers a wide range of courses that can count toward the Europe-Eurasia (EE) requirement for either the European and Eurasian Studies (EES) MA Program or the Europe-Eurasia concentration in the International Affairs MA Program at the Elliott School. What follows is a list of such courses that we anticipate being taught during the current and future academic years (though please be aware that this can change).

Be aware that GW has additional courses that may count toward the EE requirement, but that are not taught regularly and hence are not listed here. Please check the schedule of classes each semester to see if there are other courses listed that might count; if you find one that is not on the following list but that you would like to take and that you think should count toward the EE requirement, please contact the program director for approval. (A good rule of thumb is that the course has at least 50% Europe-Eurasia content.)


Section A : Western, Central, Southeastern, and Eastern Europe

HIST 6001 Special Topics Seminar:

  • European Decolonization 
  • Atlantic History, Early Modern Europe 

HIST 6042 World War II 

HIST 6050 Modernization, Imperialism, Globalization

HIST 6101 Special Topics: European History 

HIST 6120 Seminar: Early Modern European History 

HIST 6121 Reading/Research Seminar: Modern European History 

HIST 6128 Europe and the World, 1500-Present 

HIST 6133 English People and Institutions 

HIST 6135  British Imperialism   

HIST 6170 Reading Seminar: Eastern Europe 1772-1918

HIST 6171 Eastern European History, 1919-1945

IAFF 6338 The European Union 

IAFF 6338 NATO Enlargement   

IAFF 6338 Transatlantic Partnership in the 21st Century 

IAFF 6338 Turkey’s Place in Europe   

IAFF 6378 Turkish Politics and Society

IAFF 6505 European Union Foreign Policy 

PSC 6360 Western European Politics

PSC 6361 Politics of European Integration 

PSC 6362 Nation-Building in the Balkans

PSC 6364 Governments and Politics of Eastern Europe 

PSC 6465 International Politics of Eastern Europe


Section B : Post-Soviet/Post-communist Countries

EDUC 6602 Education, Transformation, and the Former Soviet Union 

GEOG 6265 Geography of Russia and Its Neighbors

HIST 6001 Special Topics Seminar: 

  • Central Asian History 
  • History of the Russian and Soviet Empires 

HIST 6030 Uses of History in International Affairs  (only the section reserved for EES, Prof. Stronski’s, or Prof. Harrison’s if you write your paper on an applicable topic)

HIST 6180 History of Modern Russia and the Soviet Union

HIST 6185 Russian and Soviet Thought

HIST 6188 Soviet Foreign Policy: 1917-91

IAFF 6138 Post-Soviet Democracy Development 

IAFF 6338 Geopolitics of Eurasian Energy 

IAFF 6338 Central Asia: Society, Security, and Economy 

IAFF 6338 History and Politics of the Caucasus  

IAFF 6338 NATO Enlargement   

IAFF 6338 Politics of Post-Soviet Eurasia 

IAFF 6338 Security in Russia and Eurasia 

IAFF 6338 Terrorism and Conflict in the North Caucasus 

PSC 6333 Comparative Politics of Post Communist Systems 

PSC 6366 Government and Politics of Russia


Economics Requirement: 

ECON 6280 Survey of International Economics 

ECON 6283 International Trade Theory and Policy 

ECON 6284 International Macroeconomic Theory and Policy


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