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IERES publications 

IERES publishes several periodicals examining Eurasian issues, as well as policy memos on a wide range of issues concerning the region.


» Demokratizatsiya: The Journal of Post-Soviet Democratization
» Central Asian Affairs
» Counterpoint
» Russian Analytical Digest
» Caucasus Analytical Digest

Policy memos and more

» Central Asia Program
» PONARS Eurasia

IERES faculty and visiting scholar publications

IERES faculty and visiting scholars are actively engaged in research on vital issues facing Europe and Eurasia. Their research appears regularly in leading academic journals, prestigious university presses, and important media outlets.

» Books
»  Articles, Book Chapters, and Book Reviews
»  Commentary
»  Policy Papers


IERES programs and faculty blog about a range of issues concerning Europe and Eurasia.
» Professor Sebastien Peyrouse writes a piece for the Washington Times’ Monkey Cage blog on Shiite and Sunni Muslims in Central Asia.
» Professor Robert Orttung writes a guest blog for Resurgent Dictatorship: The Global Assault on Democracy.
» Professor Harris Mylonas co-authored a post with Akis Georgakellos in the Washington Post’s Monkey Cage blog about elections in Greece.